Pathopanx Male
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All about me


You know, scorpio is a mysterious person. So do I. Generally I am a taciturn man. but I also can too much talk around my buddies. I have a big sense of humor, mostly my emotions is controlled very well. No time to get blue even it in a bad time.
I think time is everything, I am very appreciate a person who can discipline to her self. Racism is one thing I hate most. In God eyes we are same, so why we should make any differentsy among Us?
I like blue, black and white. Blue is deep, black mysteriuos and white is sexy. Watch and listening a good music is one of my hobbies. In sport, swim is my favorite.
My number one idol is Shu Qi, she's so cute and sexy, her lips is to seduce if you know what i mean. wish I can kiss her for once.
I dream my girl like her, even it impossible becoz there is no one can be like her. I want my girl not just cute and sexy, but she also must be smart. Charcter is not everything but soul. Shu Qi maybe a perfect girl but what i need is a true love.