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My name is Mahmed Martin, Indonesian. I am born in October 29th 1977, surely my zodiac is Scorpio.

I live in Medan, North Sumatera-Indonesia. I came from a moslem family, my parent from Padang west Sumatera-Indonesia. So, technicly i am Padang, but becoz i live in Medan since I am born so I think I am Medan people.

I am very proud of my city, I never think i could live in other city. Medan is the best. You should try to live here.  

I have a sense of houmor, very romantic. Specialy to my girl friend. Oh, I have a girl, she's so cute and nice. I hope I can marrie her soon. 

Look at my eyes
See my deepest heart

I love reading, that's my fisrt hobbies. I also like watching movies, listen to a good music and surfing in internet. I have a nice family, two little sister. I think I am lucky to get them, becoz they r the most warm peopple i ever knew. I have pets, two ugly nasty cats. One named Gerald, the male, next is Jambrong, female. Both of them try to get attention from every one with 'meow-meow' everytime their enter the house. Don't imagine how it look, it's very noisy!!


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